GenReady Advanced Load Center NEMA 3R Transfer Switch


Detailed Description

Includes GenReady Basic plus:
• EZ Transfer Operator
• 125A Lower Panel, Generator Circuit Switch
• 15A Double Pole Breaker for Sensing Circuit
• Plus all other components found in the field installation kit.

GenReady™ Load Center Features 
The GenReady load center is a hybrid panel that operates as a normal load center and 
also allows for seamless integration of standby generators. It is available in a NEMA 
1 configuration for indoor installations, or in a NEMA 3R configuration for outdoor 
applications. For installation flexibility, it is multi-listed for use with multiple breaker 
•  200 amp
•  40 circuit capacity with the use of tandem breakers
•  Multi listed for use with Siemens, Square D and GE 1” breakers
•  Dimensions are the same as a standard 42-space main load center
•  Utilizes standard Siemens components
•  Protect up to 18 circuits, up to 30 with the use of tandem breakers
•  10 circuits available for non-protected loads
•  Circuits can easily be shifted from protected to non-protected and vice versa
•  ETL listed for service equipment and consumer safety
•  Models available with or without EZ Transfer Operator™ factory installed
•  Single panels are compatible with generators rated up to 125 Amps/30 kW
•  Multiple GenReady load centers can be supported with a single generator
•  Flush Mount NEMA 1 Enclosure or NEMA 3R Enclosure

Enclosure  NEMA Type 1, or NEMA 3R, galvanized G90 steel w/ polyester powder coat
Main Breaker    200 Amp
Generator Switch   125 Amp
Main breaker wire size  # 1 to 300 mcm Cu-Al
Generator switch wire size  # 2 to 1/0 Cu, 1/0-2/0 Al
Neutral Lug    # 6 to 300 mcm
Ground Lug   # 14- 2/0
Maximum number of circuits
(standard 1" breakers / tandem breakers)
Protected circuits   18/30
Non-protected circuits  10/NA
Total circuits  28/40
Withstand rating Main bus (amps)  10,000
Meets NEC wire bending space. Yes
ETL listed    Yes
Seismically qualified to meet UBC code Yes
Weight – GenReady Basic w/o EZ Transfer Operator (GenReady Advanced with EZ Transfer Operator)     45.5 lbs. (49 lbs.)
Operating temperature range   -20º F to 140º F

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