30 Amp Indoor Generator Transfer Switch Kit for 6-10 Circuits (Resin PIB)


Detailed Description

What is Included in this Carton: 
• Manual Transfer Switch with wire harness, conduit, fittings and wire connectors (6) 
• 30 Amp Resin Power Inlet Box 
• 10 Foot Power Cord with L14-30 male and female ends 
• Installation Manual and Warranty Registration card 

Compatible Circuit Breakers: 
• Siemens/Murray QT, QPH, HQP, QPF (GFCI), QPHF, QFP, QE, QEH, QAF (Arc Fault), QP (Surge Protector) 
• Cutler-Hammer Series BD, BR, BQ, GFC 
• Challenger Type A, C, HAGF 
• Square D Series HOM (Homeline) 
• GE Series THQL 

Model: 6294
  • # Circuits Provided on Transfer Switch  - 6 
  • Max # Circuits 10 
  • REQUIRED BREAKER FOR MAIN LOAD CENTER (not included) 60 amp 2-pole
  • Utility Main Breaker 60 amp 2-pole 
  • Generator Main Breaker 30 amp 2-pole 
  • Breakers Provided with Unit 2 – 15 amp 1-pole, 2 – 20 amp 1-pole, 1 – 20 amp 2-pole 
  • Max GEN Watts 7500 continuous / 9000 surge 
  • Max GEN Amps 30 Amps 
  • Voltage 125/250 Volts 
  • NEMA Type Enclosure 1 – Indoor Only 
  • NEMA Configuration of Male Inlet in Power Inlet Box L14-30 
  • Phase 1 
  • Minimum Gauge Cord Size 10/4 
*Note: If Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), or Surge Protector Circuit Breakers were used as the branch circuit protector in the main load center, they 
MUST be used in the transfer switch. GFCI and AFCI breakers require an isolated neutral connected from the load to the GFCI or AFCI. The load neutral needs to be connected with a wire nut to a 
3-6 foot piece of white wire, run through the harness conduit to the transfer switch and connected to the "load neutral" lug or pigtail on the GFCI or ACFI breaker. Because GFCI and AFCI circuit 
breakers can take up more than one space, the overall maximum number of circuits may be reduced from the number shown. Not all brands of GFCI and Arc Fault breakers will fit. 

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